Video Marketing for Small Business

Why you should be using video to market your services

Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Video Marketing is one of the best ways for you to organically connect with your targeted customer base. We specialize in creating customized videos based on the individual needs of your business.  Every small business or entrepreneurial enterprise can use unique videos to increase their presence on the web and increase conversions on their website.

Why you should use video.

One of the main reasons that I fell in love with video marketing, was because I had the ability to literally record one video and put it to work.  My former business required me to make an average of 60 cold calls a day to bring in new clients.  I also had a sales team that were expected to make about the same amount of sales pitches.  This meant  physically walking into a business and presenting them with the opportunity to check out our product and service.  Each team member had to repeat the same sales pitch at least 300 times a week.  Needless to say, the turnover rate for staff was pretty high.

We were also doing about 20 – 30 interviews a week to replace and recruit new sales people.

When I realized that I could create videos that answered many of the questions or concerns that potential clients had, my life got a whole lot easier.  Recruiting and hiring increased because we had videos up on YouTube that explained more information about our business.  Quite often, candidates coming in for interviews told me that they watched our video, and that’s why they came in to interview.

When new products came in I was able to shoot some videos and send them directly to clients that I knew would be interested.  This often led to quick and easy repeat customer sales.  I would often hit my weekly sales quota using this process.

Why Video Marketing?

Videos keep people engaged.

Statistics have shown that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text..  Just about any business can utilize simple videos to create more engagement and interaction on their website.  A properly designed website will incorporate relevant branded videos to help your visitors get more comfortable with your business and your services.

Marketing videos are also helpful for social media.  There is a reason why Facebook posts that utilize targeted videos get so many views. Social media users spend much of their time watching and sharing videos with their friends and social network.  Quite often videos that solve a problem will get shared as much a cute puppies and baby compilations.

video marketing

“How To” videos will save your support people a ton of time.  Putting together some simple walk through videos are a great way to show your website visitors how to use a product, order online, create an account or apply for a service.   If you sell a product that has historically proven to be difficult for new customers to master, an explainer video or tutorial is a great way to show new clients how to properly use your product. This will help your customers and decrease the amount of bad or frustrated reviews and calls your business will receive.  This will also significantly decrease product returns.

Videos also add a great personal touch that allow people to get to know your business a little more.


Below are the results of about a months worth of video marketing for a new clients video campaign.  They went from getting almost no views to a few thousand in the first month.
Below is a years worth of video marketing.  We had a set schedule and a plan to release a new video almost every week of the year. The subscriber base continues to grow at about 2300 a month.


Most consumers will search for reviews of your business and your products.  Having videos with real live people giving your product and your business honest reviews will help build trust and attract new customers.  We have had the pleasure to work with this company as SEO consultants for the last year.  They have 100’s of video testimonials from clients and have seen steady spike in sales from video marketing strategies.

You don’t need to hire paid actors to represent your business.  There are many different types of videos that can be created to let people know about your business, products, services, etc. Simple explainer videos or even virtual tour/ 360 videos are a great way to give clients an idea of what to expect when they do business with you.  For example a 30 second video showing off the new menu items and a quick tour of the dining area can bring in steady local clientele, simply because they watched your video. We show examples of this below.

Videos help Small Businesses

Local Video marketing can be used on your website as well as your social media accounts.  Our clients have seen anywhere from 20 to over 200 new interested clients contacting them every week just from videos that have been optimized for YouTube and Facebook.  Imagine what 20 new client calls or inquiries a week could do for your business.

YouTube is still the second largest search engine in the world.  Simple marketing videos can increase your traffic, calls and conversions.  If people can’t find you online, it will create a negative reaction.  It seems that most people won’t do business with a company or individual that they can’t find online.

Below are a few examples of videos that we have either created or just helped to rank for clients.

Real Estate Videos

Tutorial Videos

About Us Videos

Promotional Videos

Problem Solving Videos

Product Review and Testimonial Videos

Most common misconceptions about video marketing

Video marketing is often overlooked by most small businesses for a number of reasons.  Usually the reason for not utilizing video marketing is a fear or resistance to being on camera.  Here are a few solutions that don’t require you to be on camera yourself.


Explainer Videos

These are most commonly videos with animated characters and graphics that “explain” things.  These types of marketing videos have become more widely accepted and are an easy way to help introduce your business to potential clients.  Explainers can cover details about  a new product or service that your business provides.  You don’t need to hire actors or get in front of a camera yourself.  Let the animation do the work.

Explainer videos can easily be voiced over by adding audio. Sometimes clients prefer to let the “robot voice” talk for them. Explainers are a very cost effective way to break into video marketing.  They are not as personable as seeing a live person but many businesses find them to be a cost effective way to get their message seen and heard.

Tour Videos

Behind the scenes or tour videos can help your customers get a better understanding of your business.  If your business requires a steady flow of walk in clients (or foot traffic) then these videos can easily help you out.  Tour videos (also known as walk-through videos) are usually a combination of scenes that can show off your location, staff, services, etc. New businesses can benefit by showing off  your new facility, while explaining what services you offer in your marketing videos for small business.

Real Estate Agents commonly use this type of video to showcase new homes for sale. This was often achieved by using drone fly-overs of the house and surrounding property.  This footage would then be combined with scenic video shots of each room.
Marketing videos like these are great tools and can answer a lot of questions up front.

Sometimes Less is More

Knowing your customer base is important.  Instead of creating a random mess of videos that have no set goal, we create videos and customized SEO campaigns that are targeted to your clientele and customer demographics.  If you business caters to a specific target audience, then we recommend focusing your efforts on that demographic.

This video campaign was created to help women who were dealing with issues in their love life, which were most often the result of their “love blueprint.”  This one video has been viewed over 150,000 times since being published and is the most viewed video on this channel.  Over 6000 shares and 3000 new subscribers came from this one video.

You don’t need to kill  yourself creating content as long as it is quality content that is catered to your audience.  Sometimes all you need is one or two great videos to really connect with your audience and grow your online brand.

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