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Search Engine Optimization in Dallas, Texas

Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and more have been around since the internet was born as the “information superhighway.”  Most people use search engines to find the information that they are looking for several times a day.  Whether it is for directions, purchasing a new item, research some information or find a new recipe for dinner, search engines have become a part of every day life.

Quality Search Engine Optimization

Properly optimized local SEO will help your business. Period.

If you live in Dallas or the DFW area, and you are looking for a body shop to fix the hail damage on your vehicle, most people now days would go to their preferred search engine and type in the keyword “hail damage repair in Dallas”, or some version of that keyword. This makes the search engine find what it feels is the most relevant result and then shows you a list of different body shops or hail damage repair companies.

Increase Traffic and Calls with Local SEO

Our Goal

Our goal with search engine marketing is to make sure your business is the most relevant result. In simple terms, this means that when someone is searching for a product or service related to your business, you will be among the first results that they see. This will allow you to get more calls, website hits, sales and will create more revenue for your business.

More often than not, when someone is searching the internet, they are intent on making a purchase or inquiring about a service. This is why having your business show up high in the search result is so important.  If you are a service-based business, you already know what an increase in calls from clients looking for a business like yours will do for you.  If you sell products both in store and online, this will increase your business overall.

Can your customers find you online?

If your customers cannot find your business online, you are literally losing thousands of dollars every year. Having your local SEO set up the right way is one of the best options to increasing your local business traffic and call volume.  If you run a local business and need help connecting with targeted customers in a specific area, contact us today!

Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

Optimizing your Local SEO is an effective way to market your local business online. It helps businesses promote their products and services to targeted customers in a specific area at the exact time they’re looking for them. Local SEO uses a variety of strategies — getting your site ranked on search engines like Google, business directories such as Yelp,  Google My Business listingBing Places for Business page and others. This also means creating localized content on your website. Other strategies involve getting online business reviews and more.

Millions of customers use local searches every day to find the best local businesses in a specific area. You can help increase your chances of getting found by these potential customers, by working with a local SEO company like Rebel Base SEO.

Local SEO Services in DFW

Local SEO services offer a very unique and targeted online marketing approach. It is not canvassing neighborhoods to drop off brochures on front-porch steps. It is also not buying ad space in the newspaper or on the radio or local TV station.   Local SEO companies allow you to position your business on search engines and other online entities, so that you’re seen by potential customers — when someone searches for a business like yours in a specific area.

While we don’t have decades of experience like other SEO companies in DFW, we do have a very solid track record of improving our clients’ rankings in search engines.  These clients include local and international businesses.  We are qualified in a number of ways, include being  Google StreetView Trusted as well as a Google Partner. Rebel Base SEO would love to help your business in the same way we have so many others.

Contact us today if you have any questions or concerns about the search engine optimization on your website.  Organic SEO is a great way to increase your brand awareness and grow your business.