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We carefully select the clients that we choose to work with, and we understand that every business is different.  We have a very reasonable set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed in our selection process.  This allows us to give every client an ample amount of time and energy.  Our ability to help facilitate success for local businesses is a focused process, and we value our own and our clients time.

We offer a number of different services, and our pricing and service packages are based on the requirements of each client.


  • Consistent customers and lead flow.
    This means your business already has customers on a consistent and fairly predictable basis.  Your business is already up and running and you are already advertising, promoting, marketing and selling your services or products.  Basically, you are in business and are making money.
  • Good Product, Service and Reputation.
    Everything we do together will help you increase your market reach and customer base.  We prefer to work with companies that benefit and add value to the overall community and business marketplace.
  • An Established Business.
    This means that we rarely work with start ups or businesses that are just getting off the ground.  Marketing campaigns yield the best results when they are applied over a period of time.  SEO and other marketing campaigns don’t work well when they are turned on and off based on cash flow issues.



  • SEO and other digital marketing services can take some time, but are well worth the investment. 
    If you want to be on the top of page 1 tomorrow and your website is currently on page 12 then please do not apply. Depending on the competition for your search term it could take 3 to 6 months before you start seeing the results that you want to see.
    Some digital marketing campaigns can take up to a week to properly set up and execute.
    The best results that we have achieved have been created through long term strategy and campaigns.
  • Rebel Base SEO is not your employee.
    We have multiple client campaigns that we are working on simultaneously.  This might sound terrible, but we are not going to meet you at your office everyday.  Nor will we be on the phone with you every day giving you play by play updates.  We will send you scheduled updates and reports.  Think of us as your silent partner that works behind the scenes to help your business grow.  That being said, If you need to be in “control” and  micromanage all day, then we are probably not the choice for you.
  • Rebel Base SEO is not tech support for NON-SEO related issues. 
  • Scheduled Appointments and Deadlines.
    Quite often in the beginning process of optimizing a site, we will ask for a number of things. We will probably be asking for photos as well as written content/ approval of written content. The faster you can get us this content, the faster they can get optimized and put up on the site and other online properties like Google Maps, YouTube, etc.  If you are local, we can come in and shoot all the images we need for the site.
    If you or your staff don’t get us what we need in a timely manner then it slows down the whole process.



That’s pretty simple right?  If your business meets the criteria listed above and you are looking to get some amazing results for your business, then we will be happy to put together some time to discuss your goals with you.

Here is how the whole process works:

Please fill out the discovery form below.

It’s very simple.  The form simple allows us to get a better idea of what your business is all about, what you sell, your clients, etc.  This allows us to better understand how we can get your business the best results quickly.

Once the form is submitted we will do a detailed evaluation of your website, your goals, your offers etc… and put together a custom game plan to increase your client acquisition, sales and overall market reach and much more.  We will set up a discuss everything that you submitted and how we can help you out.  This process has helped all of our clients have massive success.

The initial call will most likely be anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.