3D Virtual Reality Videos for Small Business

Creating VR videos that Google and your customers will love

360 VR Videos for local businesses

Your local business should actively be looking for new ways to bring customers in the door.  Utilizing virtual reality videos in your local business marketing is one of the simplest ways to attract new clients.

Odds are you have used a virtual reality video to look around a new neighborhood without leaving your home, or maybe to explore a national monument or park without sweating in the heat.  There are many uses of VR that businesses are using to get more exposure.

Every website out there has pages built with pictures and possibly sales or technical videos.  Many of them are missing out on the true possibilities of what VR can do.  Depending on the type of business you have, a 360 VR video could be used to create immersive storytelling marketing material.

Here is an example of a VR 360 photo of Little Elm Lake

With VR content you can connect with clients who are actively searching to learn more about your business and its’ services.  A recent study shows that VR videos created a 41% higher click through rate compared to a traditional marketing video. VR videos are relatively the same cost as a traditional marketing video and can increase your views in search engines.

Customized VR videos in DFW

The team at Rebel Base SEO has the knowledge and skill to put VR 360 videos to work for your small business.  There are many ways to utilize these kinds of videos, and if you want some proof, simply search an address in Google.  Odds are you are going to see a street view of the address that will allow you to virtually tour the entire street in full 360 degrees.

Why Create a Google Optimized Virtual Tour?

Virtual reality has been optimized for both mobile devices and for websites.  Not everyone has a VR headset, but just about everyone has a smart device that can be used to view a virtual tour video.  Properly optimized sites and videos can keep your website on the top spots of search engines, and keep the clientele coming in.

Google has invested millions into developing their search engines to give authority to VR.

Who can use A Personalized VR video?

Many businesses are putting virtual tours to work.  Real estate agents are shooting tour videos that give home shoppers an immersive look at the prospective home.  Landscapers can show off their handiwork with a full view of the property and all the customized land scaping.  Retailers can give a full view of the store and all of its inventory.   Party planners can show off the full view of the wedding and the whole event showcasing everything from the flowers, cake and of course the happy couple.
The possibilities are truly endless.


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