360 VR Photos and Videos in Frisco Texas

by May 22, 2018

360 Photos for Local Small Business

Here is an example of a VR 360 photo of Liberty State Park.  You can even see the Statue of Liberty!

360 Degree photos are the new thing, and we just happen to be a Google Street View Trusted Photographer 🙂
To be honest, I was a little unsure of the results that 360 degrees pictures would get for some of my clients.  Luckily, I listened to another good friend of mine who runs and SEO agency in New Mexico.  In less than 4 months, the 360 photos that I took have received over 200,000 views total.

The results are different depending on the business. Some locations have views in the high hundreds while other locations have 30,000 plus views.  Virtual Reality photos are hot.  These images can be uploaded to a website, like the one you see above.  They can also be added to a Google Maps listing.  Google Maps are connected to a company’s Google Business listing.

When a 360 degrees picture is uploaded to a Google Business page, it is automatically added to their Google Maps listing as well.  The benefit here is that 360 pics are in high demand and will usually show up higher in an image search. This helps immensely when it comes to a businesses search presence and the overall click through rate.


Get Your Small Business on the MAP

360 Photos are perfect for just about any business that has walk in traffic.  If you look at the photos below, the 2 pictures taken inside Flix Brewhouse were viewed over 30,000 times.  It’s photos like this that help people make the decision on whether or not they are going to visit your business.

Real Estate Agents can use 360 images to create virtual tours of the homes that they are looking to sell. Plenty of sites that help renters find the perfect apartments are using virtual reality photos to showcase their selection to interested renters.

The web traffic that your business can receive from these images will help both your Google Maps listing and your website climb up in their rank and position in search engines.

360 Photos help with your Local SEO

Another benefit of having 360 degrees pictures taken of both the outside and inside of your business is that they are most likely going to be geotagged. A geotag is basically when an image file has the exact latitude and longitude embedded into the file.  This helps because the photos can show both your keywords as well as your address in the metadata.

I know this sounds super nerdy, but it’s the little things like this that help us get our clients awesome results.  Properly optimized 360 tour photos can instantly verify a business on Google Maps.  This helps speed the process up.  Typically, Google will mail out a card with a verification code that is supposed to take 5 business days to arrive.  If you want to cut the line for your Google Business verification, you can have a virtual tour put together.

Build Trust and Interest in your small business

Most people will do some research on any business.  Obviously most people check reviews on a business.  They will also look at the photos of a business. There is a lot that can be done in regards to getting your site properly recognized, and 360 photos can work wonders.

This especially helps with people knowing how to identify your business from the outside. If your location is in a strip mall or office park, it is very helpful to have pictures that can show someone exactly where to find you.  Help your customers find you.

Showing off scenes of the inside of your business can also give people a better idea of what to expect when they walk in.  Bars and restaurants can showcase the ambiance of their interior.  Medical professionals can display not just their waiting area, but also their patient rooms as well.


With VR content you can connect with clients who are actively searching to learn more about your business and its’ services.  A recent study shows that VR videos created a 41% higher click through rate compared to a traditional marketing video. VR videos are relatively the same cost as a traditional marketing video and can increase your views in search engines.

360 VR Videos for local businesses

Your local business should actively be looking for new ways to bring customers in the door.  Utilizing virtual reality videos in your local business marketing is one of the simplest ways to attract new clients.

Odds are you have used a virtual reality video or photo to look around a new neighborhood without leaving your home, or maybe to explore a national monument or park without sweating in the heat.  There are many uses of VR that businesses are using to get more exposure.

Every website out there has pages built with pictures and possibly sales or technical videos.  Many of them are missing out on the true possibilities of what VR can do.  Depending on the type of business you have, a 360 VR video could be used to create immersive storytelling marketing material.

Customized VR videos in DFW

The team at Rebel Base SEO has the knowledge and skill to put VR 360 videos to work for your small business.  There are many ways to utilize these kinds of videos, and if you want some proof, simply search an address in Google.  Odds are you are going to see a street view of the address that will allow you to virtually tour the entire street in full 360 degrees.

Why Create a Google Optimized Virtual Tour?

Virtual reality has been optimized for both mobile devices and for websites.  Not everyone has a VR headset, but just about everyone has a smart device that can be used to view a virtual tour video.  Properly optimized sites and videos can keep your website on the top spots of search engines, and keep the clientele coming in.

Google has invested millions into developing their search engines to give authority to VR.

360 Tours for Real Estate Listings

Many businesses are putting virtual tours to work.  Real estate agents are shooting tour videos that give home shoppers an immersive look at the prospective home.  Landscapers can show off their handiwork with a full view of the property and all the customized land scaping.  Retailers can give a full view of the store and all of its inventory.   Party planners can show off the full view of the wedding and the whole event showcasing everything from the flowers, cake and of course the happy couple. The possibilities are truly endless.  360 photos are helping thousands of businesses everyday. Yours should be next.


Contact us today to find out more information about how our VR videos will help your business climb up in the search engines.


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